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      • For the growth towards education in society and wide spread of education, development of social and youth cultural programs, health services, legal services, rural development works, technical field development, practical and self reliant attempts, pollution prevention of animals serviceable works for the poor and baseless blind and handicapped persons. Environment, child development and women empowerment, development of the schedule caste and schedule tribes also.
      • Establish balmandirs, pre-primary schools, secondary schools, and universities and conducting all related activities.
      • Prevent human welfare and environment make tree plantation also establish and maintain amended chulas.
      • Wide spread of culture in young opened non smoking center and maintain them and also organized camps.
      • Obtaining schemes from the rural development agencies provide employment.
      • To provide the vocational training among the rural youth so that they can utilize their hidden potentials for getting employment.
      • For provide the health facilities establish the medical treatment center,
      • To provide the awareness about the different issues among the community.
      • Physical, Mental and All round development of youth without considering Caste, Religion and Politics and to unite them, to create feelings of brotherhood and co-operation.
      • Arrange maximum possible ways for the spreading of Moral, physical, spiritual democratic education in the rural people.
      • For the spreading of education of democracy among the Adult men and women of rural area by helping for availing books, economic help and give them any type of help for getting education.