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To empower the underprivileged women, children, elderly and physically challenged individuals by enriching their lives through Education, Health and Sustainable Livelihood Skills and Opportunities.
We are strong believers in the adage about teaching a man to fish rather than giving him a fish and keeping this in mind, we work with corporate and other partner organizations to provide access to Health and Education opportunities, access to affordable and reliable Healthcare and industry-backed livelihood skills.
We empower these underprivileged children, youth and women to grow ahead in life by giving them applicable Education, providing them innovations in Healthcare facilities and livelihood programs that are focused on the market.
At Gramin Vikas Trust, we deploy the best possible line of attack and expertise to achieve the return on our "Social and Rural Development ". In order to help women and youths with initiatives that they have undertaken, we help businesses link with social development initiatives. We also educate privileged children, youngsters and citizens to encourage change in the society that is civic driven. We strongly believe that change will only happen when you, and the society you live in takes a hands-on part in this process of change and development.