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Note from the President

"You were born with the ability to change someone's life, don't ever waste it"
The rural sector in Gujarat has been lacking proper sanitation facilities in schools and homes, the villagers are not much educated hence they are unaware of the employment opportunities. and things like rainwater harvesting, the produces available near their villages, basic hygiene, First Aid knowledge etc.

Over the years, Gramin Vikas Trust has worked closely on improving the rural sector of Gujarat and tried to bridge the gap by conducting various activities like medical camps, health checkup camps, maintaining proper hygiene in schools, restructuring and redeveloping the schools with better facilities, making the locals aware about employment opportunities etc.
With the help of these activities, the focus is to prosper the basic needs of the villagers and to turn these villages into smart villages.
As a doctor and key member of Gramin Vikas Trust, we have helped the locals not only with medical and first aid training but also ensured that every project that is undertaken in these villages yields maximum output for the locals.

Dr.Dipak Chaudhary / President, Gramin Vikas Trust